Wednesday, April 28, 2010

High Current Motor Controller Shield Load Test

First off, I got my stackable headers in the mail today. They are Samtec SSQ .1" pitch square tail sockets, with tails about .39" long. I got my headers in 50 pin strips and cut them to size. If that isn't your style you can always buy stackable headers from SparkFun in the 8 pin and the 6 pin variety. Why the stackable headers? An xbee shield is on its way to me as we speak. Here is a pic of the motor controller shield with the stackable headers!

(Note, I also populated the programming header with a double row stacking header to keep compatibility with the original xbee shield)

Next, it's time to put the high current motor controller shield to the test! The plan, hook the shield up to a motor, stall the motor, see how the vnh2sp30's handle the heat, and see if my thermal management was good!

The result? They worked splendidly! When I stopped the motor, it drew 21 amps for an extended duration. The shield got a warm to the touch, but kept on going.

One last note, keep checking back, because the High Current Motor Controller Shield may soon find its way in a store near you!

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