Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heavy Duty Arduino Motor Controller

I finally made something!  Amazing!  I personally think it's very cool.

What is it and why should you be excited?  This shield features two of ST Micro's VNH2SP30 Automotive H-bridges.  Each VNH2SP30 can act as a full H-bridge capable of 15 amps continuous with surges up to 30 amps.  You can control 2 large DC motors with this thing.  This is where it gets cooler.  Each VNH2SP30 can act as a half bridge, meaning if you combine these things, you are looking at 30 amps continuous and 60 amps surge!

If that isn't enough for you, you can stack 2 of these on top of each other and create a monster 30 amp 2 motor controller or a beasty 60 amp continuous 120 surge DC motor controller!  Amazing! 

More information to come, including a video of this thing in action! (I just need to charge my batteries)