Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Neuter the Invincible Tornado (How to Remove the Speaker)

My mother-in-law decided to give my son an Invincible Tornado for his birthday.

Looks like a fun little R/C car. Unfortunately, there are 2 versions. One version (the version we got) plays annoying loud music when powered on. My mother-in-law warned me about this, and suggested I do what I know how and mute it with my electronics know-how. I'll be going through the steps for anyone else with aching ears.

  1. Remove 3 screws on top
  2. First, remove the 3 screws on the top of the vehicle. The screw on the front is covered by a sticker that can be peeled back.

  3. Remove 2 screws
  4. I ended up removing too many screws, and the front wheel assembly came off, but you should be able to access the speaker just be removing 4 more screws. Remove the 2 screws on the back of the vehicle

  5. Remove 2 screws
  6. Only 2 more screws to go! These can be found underneath the top assembly that the first set of 3 screws liberated.

  7. Remove that dang speaker!
  8. Now for the important step. Pull up the piece you should have just released by remove the 4 screws. The two parts should pull apart relatively easily. Underneath, you should see the main drive motor, printed circuit board (PCB), and the speaker. The speaker is not fixed in any manner and should almost fall out. You have a couple options. The two brown wires connected to the speaker can just be pulled off, snipped, or you can whip out your handy pair of diagonal flush cuts and cut the wires right at the circuit board. If you choose a less tidy method of removing the speaker, be sure to cover the ends to ensure nothing will short out once you put the vehicle back together.

  9. Put it all back together
  10. I will leave this last part up to you. Just one note, if there is a loose white wire, don't panic. This is the antenna. Make sure you route it as close to the top of the car as you can.


Now you have a nice quiet RC car to let your kid play with. Enjoy!


  1. We got this for my son, it's a cool car but all of us hate the loud, repetitive music. I'll give this a shot later tonight. Your grammar & spelling were a little off but I'm very happy that you posted this!

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